About SMG

We are a modern digital media company located in Woodstock, GA.

At Our Core

We craft digital content for today's mobile consumer.

A Digital Portfolio

As a digital media company, we build and curate digital brands that serve a wide range of demographics and add value to partner brands.

We design, build, and scale integrated media platforms for industry verticals including: residential/commercial real estate, home services, DIY, and consumer electronics.

Brand Partnerships

We partner with like minded brands to accelerate your message.

By partnering with SMG, we promise to provide you with our highest level of attention and customer support.

SMG operates on a pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, or revenue sharing basis with our brand partners.

At SMG, we believe our marketing and digital content creation efforts bring direct value to your brand. As a result, our compensation is dependent on our performance.

How can we help you?

We provide you with the necessary tools to create an online competitive advantage for your brand.

Establishing a digital presence builds credibility with consumers, provides easy access to information about your business, and adds direct communication channels with your end customers.

We can help you leverage the power of digital media to grow your business.